In fashion, illustration is undoubtedly one of the most expressive means of sketching, explaining and exploring ideas. Yet it covers a wide range as well as different aspects: this is a small selection applying different illustration techniques I have been able to explore so far.


ZERO8/15 2011

I’m not dead!- Aquarell pencil and colour pencil on cardboard.

ZERO8/15 I. Eat your Waste. -Aquarell and aquarell pencil on cardboard

Fashion kills.- Aquarell on off-white cardboard.


Etching 2010

In 2010 I took part in an etching class at university. I loved to work with this technique as it emphasizes the line in relation to shape…

My inherited, favourite Boots from grandma Annelie

My inherited, favourite Boots from Grandma Annelie pos/neg

Gerhard und Hannelore Austen I

Gerhard und Hannelore Austen II


Unikat2 2008

Oh my dear dead deer!- Pencil and Aquarell on off-white cardboard.

Real LEATHER.- Pencil on white cardboard.