ZWPC Workshop, Helsinki, August 2012


As announced earlier, I had the amazing opportunity to take part in one of Holly McQuillans  (see Zero Waste Pattern Cutting workshops at Aalto University in Helsinki, Finland, from August 13th-17th 2012, along other participants from within the Baltic Sea area.

First of all: Thanks to Holly for her ability to inspire, push forward and encourage! And to Kirsi for making this happen!

And thank you all so much, working within our team enabled so much creativity to happen- I had a great week!

In the first place, I went there to learn more about about different zero-waste design approaches in fashion from professionals, and my expectations in advance were even exceeded: I gained even more knowledge and further inspiration than I had hoped for: Holly introduced different approaches of developing zero-waste patterns, from „Planned Chaos“ (working with garment blocks by placing them as „fixed areas“ on the fabric to gain new shapes), „Geo-Cut“ (using body measurements as well as geometric shapes to create a pattern) and „Cut and Drape“ (inspiration is taken from a word, photograph, etc., to then use its lines or areas as pattern pieces or respectively cutting lines).

Paper models; by first creating a small-scale paper model, you save fabric and time and see how things might work out…

The aim was to create several toiles and in the end one finished garment. I Think I succeeded- have a look!!!!!! Now it is truly confirmed I like to work with voids and lines… Below, some of my outcomes are shown!

Holly: „Be afraid and do it anyway.“ Yes, we were, but we did it!

Day 1: Planned Chaos: Flap Jack Top

Flap Jack Top

Flap Jack Top side

Flap Jack Top back

Day 2: Geo-Cut: Diamond Top

Diamond Top

Diamond Top side

Day 3: Cut and Drape: Ghost Shirt

Ghost Shirt

Ghost Shirt side

Ghost shirt back

Ghost Shirt (variation)

Ghost Shirt side (variation)

Ghost Shirt back (variation)


Bridge of Fashion, Usedom, June 2012

Having won a third prize in this year’s BFA, ZERO8/15 got the invitation to show off among other fashion designers who recently succeeded in other European fashion competitions. The collection was shown on Baltic Bridge of Fashion as well as ZDF Fernsehgarten, a German tv-show, on Usedom this June 2012. We had a beautiful day on the beach!!!!!!

Here are some backstage-impressions.

Photography: Tina Strohbecke + Simone Austen




Lovers waste zero.


Baltic Fashion Award, Usedom, April 2012

This competition seeks to introduce and support young fashion designers of the baltic area.

With my final collection ZERO8/15 I also took part in Baltic Fashion Award in April 2012. My collection scored the third price with a prize money of €5000. Green works! Yay!

For more information see

Photography: Peter Kirchhoff for Baltic Fashion Award

Long Sky Overall.

Cartboard Blouse Long + Sky Skirt.

Cartboard Suit


Modepreis, Hanover, July 2011

Having been initialized in 2009, the annual fashion award “Modepreis” is now a well-established and frequently visited event at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Hanover, Germany. All Fashion graduates of the past year get to present their design work finally on the catwalk. Besides the fashion-performance, other fields of studies are also being involved and challenged: Modepreis is an institution that also is created interdisciplinary by interior design, graphic design, web and media design and photography.


With my final collection ZERO8/15 I took part in Modepreis 2011. Here are some impressions- on-stage and backstage.

Photography by Mario Wezel and Jonas Wresch

Styling starts at 8am in the morning; Isabell and the make-up artist of Cosmetic College, Hanover


The catwalk at 8pm: the show is about to start

Backstage upstairs; Martin heading down in ZERO8/15 Knit Jumper, Brown Bag Shorts and Zero Waste Scrap Piece Scarf

The last second backstage

ZERO8/15 opening the catwalk; Nele is wearing a navy Sky Overall made of organic silk

Christina entering the catwalk, wearing ZERO8/15 Brown Bag Pant, Cartboard Shirt and Cartboard Blazer