WHAT am I gonna do with 15%?


15% t-shirt scraps

Small scraps, big question: Having visited my tutor’s, teacher’s and now teammate’s exhibition 15% in Helsinki at Amos this August during my workshop with Holly at Aalto, I am still thinking what to do with my t-shirt scraps. Embroidery? Embellishment? Jewellery? Maybe we’ll see more in ‚Restlos‘ in Berlin & Hannover by the end of this month…

ZWPC Workshop with Holly McQuillan: ZERO8/15 in Helsinki

NEWS NEWS NEWS!!!! For developing further styles of ZERO8/15 and simply learning more about about different Zero Waste approaches in fashion from professionals, I am delighted to announce here that I will take part in a one-week Zero Waste Pattern Cutting Workshop with one of the world’s most famous Zero Waste pattern cutters, Holly McQuillan (see hollymcquillan.com for amazing-inspiring ZWPC-work!) at Aalto University in Helsinki, Finland, from August 13th-17th 2012. All the styles developed will be documented here! Looking forward to share with you all!


RESTLOS – Exhibition of ZERO8/15 + NEW Couture Pieces!!!!!

This up and coming exhibition/performance is all about wasting nothing in creating fashion design! Hosted by the county Lower Saxony, RESTLOS takes place in Berlin and Hannover in October and November this year. Among other work of BA and MA students made by the University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Hanover, ZERO8/15 will be shown again as seen on Usedom Bridge of Fashion and BFA 2012. Plus, there will be new couture-pieces powered by Vivienne Westwood’s Gold Label fabric scraps! Exited?

Gold Label fabric scraps! Yay!!!! Let the game begin!

See for further information: stk.niedersachsen.delandesvertretung-niedersachsen.de

Don’t get wasted! See you at home!